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Rebeldes Rbd Estádio do Morumbi – São Paulo, Brazil

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Rebeldes RBD
Rebeldes RBD
Rebeldes RBD
Rebeldes RBD
Rebeldes RBD
Rebeldes RBD

More information about the Package

Event Name: Rebeldes Rbd

When does it happens?: 12/11/2023 ~ 13/11/2023

Where does it take place?: Estádio do Morumbi – São Paulo, Brazil



Our services and how to purchase

All service offers for the event Rebeldes Rbd are provided by companies with years of experience in tourism, whether they are transport, receptive or hotel companies.

Payment methods vary from: in cash to installments with or without credit card, reaching up to 12 installments of equal value, depending on the start date of your trip.

To purchase the package for Rebeldes Rbd is very simple, the first step is to register on our website and after validating your account, access our website logged in and follow the step by step:

  • 1º Step - Select the Number of Passengers;
  • 2º Step - Select Package Type; ranging from simple packages such as BUS TRIP, HOTELS and SHUTTLE to more complex trips LONG TRIP with several services already included in a single package.
  • 3º Step – Choose Day or days of the event, festival or show you wish to attend.

After this selection of items, our system will search and present what we currently have available based on your choice.

Depending on your Package choices, additional services may still appear, such as: tickets, travel insurance, local transfers, among several other services offered by our providers, which can be contracted individually for each passenger in your purchase.

Just follow the step by step and customize your package, until the final payment step.

Still have questions about our packages?

Our service channels are always open to clarify your doubts before making your purchase through our Contact Form , Email or Whatsapp.

Rebeldes Rbd

Rebeldes Rbd Estádio do Morumbi – São Paulo, Brazil