Fidelity Amplitur



• Completing 10 trips with Amplitur, the customer must send an email to, informing the full name on the register and requesting their discount coupon (purchases in progress will not be counted, only after the trip is completed) );
• The coupon will be sent by e-mail within 5 working days after analyzing the requesting registration;
• The discount amount will be calculated for the last 10 trips made (starting with the last count). An average of the amount paid in the main service for each purchase will be made (additional / tickets will not count). If there is more than one passenger in the locator, only the value of the service of those entitled to the discount (contractor) will be counted;
• Only purchases for different shows, where the contractor is the passenger, will be counted in these 10 trips. Purchases made for other passengers do not count (this is another promotion - “bring a friend”)
• The coupon will be valid for one year, counting from the date of sending;
• The customer will receive a code that must be inserted when purchasing the package to generate the discount. This discount can be used to purchase any package available on the website. If the value of the package is less than the value of the discount coupon, the difference will be disregarded;
• The coupon will be personal and non-transferable;
• The use of the coupon will only be valid if used in a purchase made with the winner's login and password. If used in purchase made with another register, the discount will be automatically invalidated after receipt and analysis of the purchase;
• Discount valid only for purchases made on the website.
• Discount not cumulative with other promotions on the website.