Summer Breeze Open Air 2019 Dinkelsbühl – Dinkelsbühl, Germany

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The first edition of the Summer Breeze took place in 1999 in the small town of Abgtsgmünd in southern Germany. At that time were present 1000 faithful souls who could wipe the wax of what today is, in the opinion of many, the second best Open Air festival of the European summer. Seven years after the first edition, Summer Breeze presents its new home (the 2006 edition was the first to be held in the city of Dinkelsbühl). The chosen region is actually close to the airport of the town of Sinbronn and only a few kilometers from the town of Dinkelbühl. Today the Summer Breeze presents a much more adequate infrastructure in front of the new requests of the festival: more people and more bands (the first edition counted on the presence of 10 bands presenting in two days, and today the festival already counts on three days of duration and more than 50 bands taking turns in two stages).


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Summer Breeze 2019

Summer Breeze Open Air 2019 Dinkelsbühl