Louis Tomlinson Espaço das Américas – Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Former member of one of the greatest phenomena in recent world music history, the group One Direction, Louis Tomlinson arrives in Brazil to perform for the first time.

With his solo career, Louis Tomlinson can already be considered one of the biggest sensations of pop music today: with only five official releases, along with remixes and acoustic versions, the singer reached, in August 2019, the historical mark of one billion. Streamings on Spotify.

Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson

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  • In case of purchase of double or triple apartment being alone, the passenger will be in dependence of sharing with another passenger who is also alone and, if there is no one with whom to share, the difference will be charged to change to individual apartment;
  • * Additional Travel Insurance valid only from 150km from the city of origin. If you live less than 150km from the city of the event, do not purchase the service, as there will be no coverage;
  • Hotel / show / hotel transfer available as an additional / optional only for the Hotel Del Rey option.


  • The rates it’s all PER PERSON and payment subject to change and availability to the date of reservation / payment;
  • Always check the censorship of the event;
  • TICKETS are subject to the administrative fee;
  • STUDENT TICKET (Meia) (when available) - Valid only for people enrolled in Brazilian educational institutions, by proof of presentation;
  • We will not accept shipment under 16 not accompanied by parent or legal guardian;
  • All values already converted to Brazilian local currency (Reais R$) as value of the dollar and euro Tour on the day of purchase;
Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson Espaço das Américas